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  • Pam Smithgall

Why Travel?

I often think about how the things worth doing in life are not always the easiest to accomplish. As a former music teacher, I often told my students that sometimes we have to just keep stepping through the tedious beginning steps of learning to read music or to play an instrument, even when it is difficult. However the “light at the end of the tunnel” is the reward of being able to truly perform as a musician! Then you see the reward is absolutely something special, and worth all the effort!

Travel can sometimes be that way too. I hate to hear the nightly news make travel frustrations often seen at airports at a busy time of year seem like the norm. I know that every holiday season or busy travel time will find the trusty news reporters staked out at major airports, just looking for some poor disheveled soul who can go on and on about how miserable their day has been.

Well, I’ve had a few travel days that have been long, when there were delays, but the truth is that those days are really not the norm! In this day of safe and comfortable airline travel, sophisticated travel by ocean, or by rail, or even a lovely driving trip, the world is yours! We are the most mobile generation of people that has ever lived! I choose to always be thankful to live at a time like this, when so many of us are able to explore beyond the boundaries of our hometowns!

Even my friends who have physical handicaps that might have prevented them from traveling in previous years, are now able to see the world with the rest of us! Travelers who use wheelchairs, canes or walkers are able to see and do so many things that really amaze me.

Of course, careful plans must be made, to make sure they are accommodated along their way. Fortunately, there are very professional travel planners who specialize in making adventures possible for those who travel with a few physical challenges. Others who travel with special needs such as autism or hearing impairments, or those who may need an emotional support animal, are also finding new ways to see this beautiful world!

If visiting this world is important to you, please take heart! With advanced planning and working with the right professional travel advisor, you can travel without having your 15 minutes of fame feature you being interviewed for the evening news as the world’s most miserable traveler!

It’s a beautiful world out there. Let us help you see it!

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