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Have you noticed that the special occasions of life are the points where life slows down? You hit “pause” for just a little bit, while the new memories gather and grow!


When you are celebrating a retirement, a graduation, or an anniversary, you want time to slow down for a bit so you can for focus on those special to you. What better way to do this than get away with your special people.


Celebrate those special moments with these ideas for experiences we have created many times before, and will gladly create for you:


  • Sail the inlets of Alaska’s Inside Passage on a small yacht, with just your friends & family.

  • Hike a glacier in Iceland. These make good photos, good stories and great memories!

  • Learn to cook pasta in Italy. We will just say there are no calories when you are in Italy!

  • Have a quiet luxurious stay, with butler services taking the experience over the top!

  • Explore central Europe’s history by traveling the rivers. I can’t wait to tell you how much is included with our river cruises!

  • Spend a month seeing the iconic sites in Europe. By rail, by car, by river, and even by foot - there are so many ways to see the sights and enjoy the sighs!

  • Put your feet up on the balcony of your overwater bungalow in the Tahitian Islands. Listen to the fish frolic at your feet!

  • See the iconic sights of the Mediterranean from the deck of a lovely ship. So many beautiful sunrises and sunsets to see each day!

Let’s talk about what would make your celebration truly special!

Ready to start your celebration?

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Have you heard friends or co-workers discuss what they want to do when they retire? I hear many say “I’m going to jump on a cruse ship & cruise all around the world!” Then they chuckle, assuming there is no way anyone could afford such an extravagance.


Well, let’s talk about that. There are fabulous cruises around the world and also segment cruises where you sail for only portions of a world cruise. I realize there are likely more misconceptions out there rather than truths, so it’s time for me to share the truth!


It’s not only the Uber Rich who sail around the world! When you look at the cost of a world cruise, of course it is significant as it is a 4-5 month adventure. One way to look at it is to compare your usual expenses for such a time frame and compare that with all that is included with the cruise such as costs for your utilities, transportation expenses, meals, socializing, laundry and entertainment. Factor in that you will be spending that same time frame exploring places you might never seen before or would not have the chance to see otherwise, and feel the powerful encouragement to consider a world cruise!


World cruises are not just for couples or older people. More and more travelers are able to take advantage of this type of travel while working remotely for those months. The fellow travelers develop a real community feel during the trip. You won’t feel alone, and you may make friends for life!


Many who love to travel will go on several world cruises. In fact, some make it part of their yearly plans. Instead of buying a lake house or RV, many are investing in this way to see this amazing world in its entirety. Some book their first world cruise as a way to restart their lives after going through an illness or losing someone. Going far away from your everyday, meeting a new group of friends, and seeing those places that you never seriously thought you would see, is a great combination.


In this age where we are all so connected, during an extended cruise, you can stay in touch with those back home very easily. There are many options for some of your favorite people to join you for a short segment of your longer trip.


Also keep in mind that several of our cruise partners offer very popular world cruises with a wide variety of stateroom types. I do always remind people that we want you to cruise in a stateroom that you will enjoy for this longer than usual time frame. For that reason, I always recommend a balcony stateroom when possible, to give you the added value of your own private space with the ultimate water view!

Ready to start on your world cruise adventure?

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Life can sometimes be a bit serious. We all need to be able to loosen up and have fun with our special someone. Sometimes a break from the regular stresses of life can allow you to refocus on why you knew your special someone was so special in the first place!


Invest in time getting away with your honey. Make sure you stay in love! The first step is to have fun!


Did you know we have set up these types of adventures for our couples?


  • Viewing the sunrise on a private guided hike to a waterfall,  followed by a gourmet breakfast picnic

  • A visit to the sight your sweetheart loved reading about as a child

  • A complete week with total relaxation, no phones or email but including spa treatments every day

  • Enjoy time to laugh together while trying a new skill such as making pasta or learning a new dance step. 

  • Trace a family’s ancestry in a small Italian village, complete with meeting distant relatives!

  • When she loves flowers, wouldn’t she love your popping that important question all over again in the world famous tulip fields of Holland?

  • We can set up a fun scavenger hunt on the grounds of a beautiful castle leading to your lovely suite

  • Organizing a candlelight dinner on the beach as a lovely ending to a beautiful getaway!

  • Retying the knot after all these years on a lovely mountaintop or with your feet in the sand of a fabulous beach

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