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Think about those early explorers we studied in our history classes. Now think about the ones who lived not so very long ago or perhaps are still exploring today! Do their stories intrigue you?


Do you like to dream about seeing remote areas of the world that most people never think of putting their boots on? If the seas intrigue you as well as the remote islands or mountains, and you know you wouldn’t be homesick for a moment, expedition travel may be perfect for you. An expedition trip gives you a front row seat to the world’s most stunning natural spaces & amazing creatures.

An expedition trip is often experienced onboard a specialized sailing ship. Some ships are former research vessels, and some are actively involved in research while you join the adventure. Some ships are outfitted for arctic destinations with a hull meant for ice breaking, and some have a low draft for sailing into small nooks and crannies of a hidden destination.


If traveling on land is more your style, there are expedition options with small groups, staying very close to the animals and sights you really want to see. If you want a very personalized type of travel, we can arrange private jets for you or your small group.

When you decide to eliminate all the distractions and get into the destinations and activities you crave, there’s no better time to work with South Shore Travel’s expertise to make this happen. It’s all waiting for you!



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