Special occasions are often times when time stands still as you make special memories. As we rush through life, we all crave more of those times!

South Shore Travel excels at creating:

  • Destination weddings

  • Vow renewals

  • Girlfriends’ getaways - no limit on the laughs!

  • Old Friends’ getaways - relive the fun after all the years!

  • Wine & food focused trips - explore new trends, visit ancient vineyards!

  • Art or Music focused travel - soak up the beauty, enjoy the goose bumps!

  • Wellness travel - come home feeling better!

  • Birthday celebrations - celebrate all of life’s milestones!

  • Anniversary escapes - invest in your marriage, escape together!

  • Family Reunions - gather and reconnect!

  • Church Group Getaways - retrace footsteps of the saints!



Destination weddings are an opportunity to combine making a beautiful lifelong commitment and enjoying time with family and friends on a great getaway!


Your wedding and the time spent planning it should be very special occasions! We want to help you make good memories throughout the process.

As travel professionals we offer you our expertise in making sure your wedding is a great experience, as well as a great value for your money! We have coordinated destination weddings since 1996, and we’ve learned what works!

Remember, just because a resort has pretty pictures of a wedding on their website, that doesn’t mean they have a top notch wedding department. If you have to deal with a disorganized wedding coordinator, you may soon wonder why you ever thought a destination wedding was a good idea! We do not want that for you, so keep reading.

We coordinate weddings in the following locations:

Jamaica, Mexico, Antiqua, St. Lucia, St. Thomas, Nassau, Great Exuma, Select Private Islands of the Bahamas, Hawaii, Grenada, and Barbados.

Our specialty is weddings and vow renewals for traditional couples.



1. When you plan a destination wedding, you have to let go of some control. Unless you plan to travel to the destination several times during the planning, you have to trust your planners. That is why you want trustworthy people putting the event together for you! We only send our wedding groups to select resorts, to ensure great care and attention to detail.

2. When describing your wedding in the years to come, you want your most precious memories to be
of a joyful, beautiful occasion! Keep that in mind when you see information focused on “free” weddings. Some of those free resort weddings are next to the volleyball court or on a busy beach, rather than the secluded area that website photos sometimes show. Your wedding doesn’t have to be elaborate, but you want to look around that day and feel blessed!

3. Weather is beyond anyone’s control, so remember your outdoor wedding may have to be held in an alternate location.


4. Some resorts are all adult, so keep that in mind when planning if your group is likely to include children.


5. Not all destinations are the same. Each country has their residency requirement (time you must be on island prior to having your wedding). Check with us on that important detail.


6. Depending on the type of wedding you’d like, the photos may be better at one time of day or another, so you may need to be flexible. If you want sunset beach photos, remember the sun sets in the west, so you need to be facing west!


7. Remember that the bride, groom and quite often their parents are our clients. This will be established from the beginning. We don’t give out information to or take direction from others, no matter how well intentioned.


8. If we are coordinating something in the Caribbean, often we have to keep in mind that a very laid back “island time” spirit reigns. Sometimes, communications are a bit delayed as we work around their schedules.


9. We give you adequate information from trusted sources, so you no longer need to spend your time searching every possible website where you might become confused by inaccurate or misleading information. We will take care of you.


10. Some couples choose to have their actual legal wedding at home & then have what the resort calls a vow renewal. We can explain more about that as we plan the details of your event.




Are you stressed out at the idea of starting the process of planning a destination wedding?


Let's talk about what we can do for you to make it seamless and easy. 


We give unbiased feedback on a variety of destinations, resorts and wedding options, which you won’t get by dealing with a resort yourself. We work for you, not the various resort companies.

We help you choose the destination that works for your group & for your wedding.

We book you & your guests. If your guests want to be considered part of your wedding, they must book through South Shore Travel. We can advise them on whether it is best to have us do their entire package or just their accommodations.

We connect you to our contact for wedding details at your destination.

We handle communications to your group, so that the bride and groom are relieved of worrying about details of their guests’ travel and lodging. After we take over, step back and let us handle your group, so you don’t have to. It is very important for you to step back and let the professionals take care of you. Just tell your guests to call us!

We coordinate rooms for anyone with special needs, but do need to know of these requirements at time of booking. Many resorts outside the USA do not accommodate handicaps very well. There are also some resorts better suited than others for guests with handicaps.

We coordinate flight arrivals and departures for your guests so they are provided with either resort-included transfers or independent transfers.

We stay in close touch with your chosen resort choice and with your wedding coordinator on location.

We relay special requests and continue checking with your resort and coordinator on location, for any new offerings or updates.

We can set up a group rate for your trip, if that is appropriate for your plans. This may mean everyone needs to travel on the same schedule. In some circumstances, we may be able to create a flexible group that reduces cost while accommodating variable travel schedules.

To set up a group, first the bride and groom book their accommodation with us

We do our best to locate accommodations for those wanting to have rooms near each other, or even for some who may desire not to be near each other.

We can coordinate fun excursions for your group or for groups within your group. Enjoy another chance to make memories! We always follow up on any issues as they happen, and even after you return from your wedding trip.

We always recommend travel insurance, and work with high quality insurance companies to protect you.

For invited guests who cannot join you and want to donate to your honeymoon, we can manage those gifts. We offer this gift registry for no charge. All money paid goes directly to your honeymoon package balance. South Shore Travel charges no fees for this service.

We arrange for all travel documents to be delivered to the travelers in the most convenient way. You will be informed of check-in procedures, how to get around airports, and how to get to your resort in the most efficient manner.

The most important advantage of working with us is that we allow you to focus on the experience!

Are you ready to start your adventure?


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