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Only about 2% of all Caribbean islands are inhabited.


The islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus. He mistakenly thought he had reached the East Indies islands off the east coast of India, so he referred to the natives as “Indians”. The islands became known as the West Indies islands. Dominant languages in the Caribbean are Spanish, English, Dutch, Creole & Papiamento.


Some Caribbean islands were created by volcanic activity, while others are made of sand collected by coral reefs. The origin of the sand causes the water’s visibility to be different for different islands.  Not every island is going to be perfect for snorkeling or diving!

Some islands have lush rainforests while others feature sand and cactus. Beach conditions vary so that some areas have a gradual incline & very little current, so you enjoy a calm safe area for swimming. Other beaches have more of a steep incline and strong currents that may make them dangerous for swimming.


Hurricane season for the entire region is from June through November. Though we cannot guarantee where hurricanes will hit, we can help choose destinations that are less prone to being in the pathway of storms.


On islands formerly part of Great Britain, residents will drive on the left side of the road. Residents of the US Virgin Islands drive on the left as well.


Most of the Caribbean will accept US money. Your credit cards will work in larger stores and at resorts all across the Caribbean.


Some islands are only a few hours flight from the US mainland. Other islands will require at least one plane change each way and can make for a long day of flying. Islands with convenient flight schedules work better for short getaways, but may be more heavily traveled as a result.


Depending on the island and the local culture, some are best visited by staying in a resort area, while others are best experienced by exploring the entire island.

Passports are required for visits to the Caribbean and Mexico. Plan on having your passport remain valid for at least 6 months after your planned return date.


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