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Image by Bennett Williamson


You may have said you want to really get away and just soak up nature!


You may have said you want a truly unforgettable experience for your family or with those close friends who walk through life with you!


You may not realize what a treasure a ranch or lodge vacation can be!  The sophisticated properties we offer are located in the US & Canada, so you don’t even have to go far!


See how this sounds.  Staying in accommodations that range from a home setting to a honeymoon luxury tent with magical features such as an old fashioned copper tub. 

Eye-popping views all around and let’s talk activities!  Our featured ranches are focused on horseback riding so riding is, of course, part of the experience. Participate in wonderful adventures like riding out at day break to round up horses from the far reaches of the property!  I’d do that for sure! 


There are cattle drives and even a chance to learn to play some sports on horseback.

If horses aren’t your thing, how about fly fishing, kayaking, watersports of all kinds, hiking with a guide, golf or just being on your own in a rustic location!  Can you already smell the dinners being prepared over campfires?  Can you imagine  the incredibly fresh vegetables and fruit that are locally sourced?  You will feel like you have not only visited a new destination, but maybe a new time as well!


The Lodges we work with are very focused on the natural beauty of the area.  Some are located in Alaska where you might try your hand at the exciting sport of salmon fishing or panning for gold.  Many lodges are noted for how they harmoniously blend in with the natural settings in beautiful spots in places from Alaska to Montana or the Smokey Mountains. 


Absolute comfort and refined seclusion are what draw in the guests, so you are in for a real treat!  Guests enjoy fishing, golf, hiking, horseback riding, photography, gardening classes, archery, shooting clays, paddlesports and and other types of workshops.  Wellness is emphasized at many of these resorts, so be ready to return home truly refreshed. 


Family reunions or just a time to reconnect with your honey are perfect for these resorts!  Do something different.   Soak up something truly beautiful with those you love!

When you decide to eliminate all the distractions and get into the destinations and activities you crave, there’s no better time to work with South Shore Travel’s expertise to make this happen. It’s all waiting for you!



Image by Kelly Forrister
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