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The Hawaiian Islands and The Great Land of Alaska are two areas of the US that are certainly destinations that travelers need to visit more than once! These states have a great deal in common.


Consider these similarities:

Hawaii’s 136 islands have mostly been created by volcanic activity. Only 8 of the islands are actually inhabited. Alaska has volcanos that have shaped the land as well as glacial activity.   97.4% of the land in Alaska is uninhabited by humans.


Alaska’s climate varies due to its large size. The southeast and south central coasts are wet and mild. The interior is cool and dry, and the northern region experiences very cold, very dry weather.


Hawaii’s weather often changes as you move from one part of an island to another, or between islands. You can experience a rain shower on one part of an island, then enjoy warm sunshine on another part of the same island.


Both destinations are vast, with a great variety of experiences.

For water activities in the Hawaiian islands, there are snorkeling excursions, the iconic surfing, sunset cruises, fishing, and even paddling down rivers.


For water activities in Alaska there are options for kayaking, whale watching cruises, paddle boarding (with insulated wetsuits for sure!) and fishing from boats or wade fishing.


You can expect to see things you might not see anywhere else in the US. In Alaska, for visitors in the winter through early spring, you have an excellent chance to see the northern lights. For Hawaii, you may have a chance to see an erupting volcano when you take a cruise around the Big Island of Hawaii.


Both Alaska and Hawaii can be experienced by larger cruise ships for a traditional cruise-based tour. In contrast, there are smaller yachts that take you very close to nature and very far from any crowds!


Interacting with unique animals is a great part of a visit to Alaska or Hawaii. In Hawaii, you have opportunities to interact with spinner dolphins, humpback whales, Hoary bats, green sea turtles, manta rays or even the rare Hawaiian monk seal!

Alaska is a wonderful place to see dall sheep, bald eagles, moose, mountain goats, seals, grizzly bears, wolves, caribou, salmon and halibut.  


Both destinations are all about the outdoors. You will find yourself spending your time outdoors more than in most other US destinations.

One aspect that is very different when comparing Alaska and Hawaii is the types of accommodations offered. In Hawaii, accommodations range from simple hotel settings to some properties featuring amazing levels of luxury and pampering.

In Alaska, luxury means seclusion! Whether it is a secluded property or small ship sailing to secluded areas of Alaska, seclusion is the ultimate Alaskan luxury!


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